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All your wedding photos in one special album

Create your album

You can manage your privacy settings anytime.

Privacy is paramount

Keep your wedding photos private. Manage and change your album settings as needed.

Your photos in high quality

You can download your entire wedding album complete with photos and videos in full resolution.

Don't chase after photos

Don't waste time chasing guests for their photos, you'll already have them all in your album!

How does it work?

  • Create your album

    Join or use your Hitched account to start sharing memories.

  • Share the code with your guests

    Share your album code with guests so they can easily add photos.

  • Download the app and start adding photos!

    Encourage your wedding guests to add photos and videos to the app. You can download your album in hi-resolution anytime.

With the Wedshoots App You Can...

Photos from All Your Wedding Guests for Free!

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