All your wedding pictures in a single album

Create your album

Manage your privacy settings at any point

Total privacy

You can control the album by activating or deactiving it and adding or removing anyone you want.

High quality photos

Share and download your entire album.

Simple, fast and easy

Don't waste your time asking your guests for wedding pictures, you'll have them all in your album!

How it works?

  • Create your album

    Once your album is created, you will receive a code. This code allows you to access the album from your mobile phone.

  • Share it with your guests

    Tell your guests about it via email, on Facebook, on the invitations... Make sure you give them the code!

  • Download the app and... Start uploading photos!

    Your wedding day is almost here; everyone has the app and the album code, so... It's time to enjoy and upload photos!

With WedShoots you will be able to...

And it's all free!

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